Whether you have a clearly defined need, a broad project brief or a current text messaging solution in place, Marketext brings you a simple quick and effective business model.

Our scheme embrace from provide fast and reliable connections to our SMS Gateway, to offer all the tools you need to start your SMS business branded entirely with your name. ¡You will be surprised how profitable can be establish a distributor channel or implement our SMS white label solution instead of develop your own!

From your Web site

Marketext Total

White label model to establish your own SMS business


The strength of your brand and the Marketext's "know-how" and expertise

Bridge Connection

Our software, your SMS provider
Independent distribution

Marketext Pro

Independent Agent Scheme


Virtual system to sell from one to hundreds SMS


SMS API Connectivity +
Control panel
Special Products

MKT PIN Generator

Innovative marketing and communication concept to bind customers

SMS Premium

VAS software to provide SMS Premium services

Customized MKT

Adaptation and integration of our modules according to your specifications
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