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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is Marketext Net?

Marketext Net is a business model that offers highly reliable solutions to send and receive SMS MO and SMS MT which can be commercialized to different market segments.

How can I joint to Marketext Net?

Go to, select the products or services that best suit your target market, complete a free registration and contact our sales team to guide you in implementing your solution.

How do I register, which are the requirements?

To register at Marketext Net, you just have to fill out a simple form. There are few requirements depending on the business model you choose. However, most of our solutions don’t require contracts, minimum of purchase or time of permanence. What is really important is your willingness to market and sell the product.

How it works?

After sign in, all the applications, products and services available to distributors, agents and resellers will be showed. Please select the model that best suit your requirements and ask for activation through our website.

Do I need IT knowledge’s to implement the services?

To implement some of the modules you may need knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or Webservices API integrations.

Do I have to install programs on my computer?

No, our services are offered under the Internet cloud computing model. This type of computing offers a system to which users can access resources in a flexible manner and without being experts in using.

What are the applications products and services available in Marketext Net?

Our scheme embrace from provide connections to our SMS Gateway, up to the tools to start your SMS business branded entirely with your name. Please visit our product and services descriptions.

I have my own software, can I integrate it with your platform?

Yes, we offer interfaces that allow quick connection of your applications to our SMS Gateway.

Do you provide databases for sending the SMS?

No, each client must have their databases and remain their property. All database related is hosted on our servers in an encrypted area for each account.

Do you charge a monthly fee for the service, what additional costs the system has?

Except those modules which required two-way communication (SMS Two ways), the services have no charges, minimum monthly usage, or other cost different from the SMS.
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Do I pay consumption in advance or will you invoice me monthly?

Marketext prepay scheme applies for all products and services.

Can I be assigned the exclusive rights to sell your services?

Our extensive portfolio is tailored to the needs of different sectors, in addition to all of our applications are Internet based. This makes not possible the assignment of exclusivity.

How do I know that you do not take my clients once I start with the service?

Marketext Net was designed with the aim of creating a distributor’s network and agents worldwide. Our goal is to support all those who are part of it. By offering our models, our proposal is very clear, "We do not compete, we teamed".

What if one of my clients visits your website, will you sell them cheaper?

The Marketext Net price list has special discounts for resellers, so the prices in our Website will be always higher.

How do you identify my clients?

When a customer registers, our system compares data. If they already are in the database, we will advise the customer that is already registered with one of our partners.
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Does your platform is connected to one operator?

Our platform is connected directly to SMSC around the world.

How stable your routes are?

Our routes are very stable, yet every one of the routes has two backup to avoid service disruptions.

Can I send SMS to recipients in other countries?

Yes, please request activation of the international service.

Can I send messages to any operator.   What countries do you cover?

Marketext offers coverage of more than 700 operators in 184 countries.

Does the price of the message vary?

Yes, but this variation is most common between countries. In general, text messages sent to a particular country have the same cost regardless of the operator. See coverage list.
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Can I customize the SMS sender ID?

It’s possible in most of the cases. If the operator of destination offers this feature you may include a word up to 11 alphanumeric characters.

How can I confirm that the message has been delivered?

All applications have a control panel which includes a summary of the status of SMS sent.

In which language you provide online support?

You can request this service in English or Spanish. We have support centers located in different countries.

Where your servers are located?

Marketext has servers and mirroring in different locations.

Are you a communications company?

No, we are an ASP (Applications Service Provider) and also we provide VAS (Value Added Services).

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