Bridge Connection

Bridge Connection is a business model which provides an inexpensive and easy way to make use of tailored applications to send and receive SMS, without requiring the use of our SMS Centres or Gateways and keeping connected to your preferred provider.

With no need to incur in investments or recruit and training personnel implicated in projects of this nature, neither a constant updating nor adjusting involved, this simple and unique scheme facilitates rapid deployment of new products and services in the communications area, maintaining budgets and keeping costs.

Bridge Connection offers a clear, reliable and secure alternative through which we customize with your brand or name our applications and products to comunicate by text messages.

Key Benefits
  • No major investments
  • No hidden charges
  • Set up and implementation 72 hours maximum
  • Easy to administrate
  • Can be integrate to your software or web
  • Choose the applications and modules according to your market
  • Multi-language software English ? Spanish
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Continuous monitoring of the SMS traffic
  • Mirroring in various locations

Bespoke Modules

Below you will find a brief description of the customized applications we offer:

  • Web based software to send SMS: The application offers users a prompt and easy choice, when considering making use of SMS as a mean of communication. Along with its simple design, is a tool intended to easily and quickly navigate, allowing complete use of its features from the very first day.
  • Email to SMS: Service that allows sending text messages to a mobile phone from any e-mail address including public e-mail providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Web based software to send Bulk SMS: Very powerful and easy to use tool, designed for those who generate large volumes of text messages and require the broadcast in a straightforward and cost-effective way.

If your provider offers you two ways connectivity:

  • Auto-response: Automatically responding by text messages to queries or requests in a minimum of time.
  • SMS Premium software: Applications that allow in a few clicks and within minutes to build and launch SMS Premium Service like competitions, votes, alert and relate value-added services.

Benefits obtained by choosing Bridge Connection
  • Continuous updating of our technology
  • Establish a simple and effective business model
  • Accessible to any company
  • Acquire the necessary tools for communication via SMS
  • Rely on products / services in constant and increasing demand
  • Do not require expertise or experience in the field
  • Permanent support at no additional cost


To set up and achieve the performance of the system, you need to comply with the following requirements:

  • A live and reliable connection with your own provider
  • IT team with knowledge in HTML, JavaScript and API integrations
  • If you want to allow online payments, you will need a secure payment gateway

Further information

If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding this product, we would be happy to discuss these with you. Please send us your contact details.


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