Each of our brands is aimed to simplify the process of SMS implementation. Solutions are group related, and web pages have been focused on filling the particular requirements of our customers.

Web application and complementary services to send and receive text messages - SMS, presenting the user with different alternatives:
  • Web site
  • e-Mail
  • API / Webservice Connectivity
  • Mobile phone / cell

Additionally it provides the ability to activate an automated calls module.

The site is home to our connectivity solutions and also for those who require bulk SMS.

MasSMS® offers connections via API, SMPP, as well as bulk SMS send via FTP or directly from the site.

Also you can find alternatives for managing two-way mass communication, SMS MO.

Marketext hosts our complete portfolio and detailed information on products and services available on all our Web sites.

Here you will find a wide variety of SMS communication solutions aimed at both individuals and organizations, which are provided through simple, complete and effective products and services.

Focused on individuals or those that do not require additional functions to send the messages.

It allows instant sending of SMS from and to anywhere in the world in just three steps, without requirements, contracts or commitments of permanence.


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