Co-Branding Marketext

Co-Branding Marketext is a business model fot those who have top ranked websites and are interested in easily entering into the SMS business. The aim is to form a strategic alliance that involves the cooperation between Marketext and your company, to work together and create a synergy of marketing, in order to promote the Marketext portfolio and therefore expand upon the services you offer, and create a new revenue stream.

Combining the strength of your brand with the “know-how”, expertise and Marketext’ systems, our solution generates a "win-win-win" situation which offer added value not only for your company and Marketext, but also to the customers.

Co-Branding Marketext is the only scheme of the market offering an entirety management of the SMS MO and SMS MT products and services, covering technical, operational, billing and collection. So all you have to do is to promote, marketing and sale the products.

The Co-Branded version of the platform keeps logos and brand identifiers for both companies. You also can add your company information, including your contact information instead of Marketext’s.

¡Capitalize your customer database by selling text messaging services, integrating our solutions into your domain or webpage. Your business can benefit from the Co-Branding scheme!

Co-Branding Marketext provides you:
  • Cobranded web interface to send and receive SMS, that includes shopping cart
  • Hosting of the web interface
  • Running all related to the SMS interface
  • Cobranded technical and product support for your clients
  • Invoicing
  • Administrative control panel
  • Reports

In addition Marketext gives you extra benefits such as:
  • Permanent support at no additional charges
  • Price range designed to maximize profits
  • ¡You can start running your own business just in 72 hours!


Once we settle the conditions of the bilateral agreement, you will be provided with simple instructions on how to interface your website with our system. You should have basic knowledge in HTML and JavaScript.

Further information

If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding this product, we would be happy to discuss these with you. Please send us your contact details.


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