Marketext Pro

Marketext Pro is a business scheme that gives you the opportunity to make use of your contacts to promote our services and earn money for each business deal you make.

We have established a comprehensive independent Agent scheme that allows you to promote cost effective SMS services and at the same time generate a new source of revenue.

By participating in our independent Agent program, you can promote our portfolio in all the places you find appropriate and get pay for each single sale you make.

Furthermore, you will be allocated with an Agent code, then each time your client buys, renews or upgrades a product or service, you will receive a payment based in the price of that particular sale, thus you can maintain an income stream for as long as your client stays and buys from Marketext.

The Marketext Pro business model includes an administrative panel that allows online tracking of your customer's transactions and also enables instant notification of revenue.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding this scheme or are interested to become a Marketext Agent, we would be happy to discuss these with you. Please send us your contact details.


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