Premium SMS Software for Value-added services VAS

Intuitive applications that guide step by step anyone interested in provide value added services through short numbers, such as contests, polls, surveys, solution for media and TV and alerts.

We offer modular software that provides a powerful tool for rapid implementation and management of Mobile Services. Our developed proprietary technology allows us to adapt to the particular needs of each client.

The applications have been designed to facilitate and accelerate the creation of any campaign. Some of the features:

  • Integration to any operator' short numbers
  • Create campaigns online
  •  Run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Display of real-time data and activities. Ex. Received messages
  • Statistics of messages received by the operator and campaign

Below you will find a brief description of the software:

  • M-SHOW By sending SMS to be published, people attending shows or exhibitions, TV viewers, and visitors to Web sites can communicate their opinions. Messages can be broadcasted in real time through screens, monitors or Websites or RSS parsers.

  • M-WIN It enables participants to send a word or phrase, free opinion or response to an issue or question raised to enter in a contest.

  • M-QUIZ Replying to a question by sending an SMS, the contestants whose response are successful, access the possibility to become a prize winner.

  • M-VOTING Allows to gather the preferences of the public about any topic, theme, character, situation, etc., asking them to participate by sending SMS, expressing a choice from the several options raised.

  • M-ALERT Allows End-users to register / join to an information service or any alert service and pay by SMS.

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