We are committed to ensuring best practice standards are adhered to by our clients. Those are techniques and methodologies which have proven to reliably lead to a desired result. The most commonly accepted code is the MMA Code of Best Practices. Customers must ensure that the traffic they are sending to our system is compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

Mobile Marketing

Whilst text-messaging might seem like the ideal marketing tool, Spam is all about receiving messages that people have not asked for. Spamming is illegal and has a detrimental effect on the mobile messaging industry as a whole. We require all clients to be familiar with the following anti-spamming recommendations, where spamming is defined as the sending of unsolicited commercial communications.

  • We are strictly against the sending of unsolicited SMS messages, notifications, alerts or any other form of inappropriate communication.
  • If marketing communication messages are being sent, clients should ensure they obtain the individual recipient's consent prior to sending any marketing communication via SMS.
  • Clients are advised to include a simple and inexpensive opt-out option within their messages, allowing the individual recipient to choose to stop the receiving of any further messages if they so wish.
  • Clients should ensure that their mobile marketing campaigns are correctly targeted with appropriate content which is of value to recipients.
  • Clients are reminded that they should comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the collection, processing and use of personal data.
  • All marketing communication SMS messages must identify the sender / source and clearly state the price of the product / service promoted in accordance with advertisement legislation.
  • Please note that we do not permit any SMS traffic which is of a spamming nature. Evidence of spamming will result in service being suspended or may lead to the termination of your account.
  • Full account must be taken of all applicable laws and regulations in
    • The country from where you are initiating the sending of SMS,
    • The UK and/or Spain depending on your use of our infrastructure in those countries
    • The country or countries to where you are sending SMS.

In addition all messages delivered to US networks must be pushed as part of a 100% double opt-in subscription service. Mobile messaging in the US is not like anywhere else in the world and our services over there cannot be compared to simple bulk SMS. Customers must always ensure that recipients of commercial messages have given their consent to receive such messages in advance of transmission. Customers must always ensure that they abide by the laws & regulations that apply to them. This statement is intended to highlight the need for customers to ensure that they are not sending spam SMS communications and does not constitute the entire obligation of a customer in this regard.

If you are not the original initiator of SMS communications you are advised to ensure that the original initiator is made aware of the content of this statement.

Opt out

We do not condone unsolicited messages, notifications, alerts or any message that you may receive from someone who should not have your address or mobile number.

If you have received an unsolicited message, which you would like to report, please inform us to If possible include you mobile number, the date and time you received it and the contents of the message. We will block your number to prevent any message to be send from our system


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