Inexpensive system that offers the instruments to create an innovative marketing concept to bind customers, enhance communications or create SMS prepay cards that allow sending text messages to mobile phones around the world.

A virtual token (V-PIN) can be distributed as a voucher, coupon or include in loyalty cards. It also can be sale as a prepay card.

Validating one of these V-PIN in the web page allocated, allows the customer to get and send the number of SMS assigned to that code.

It is you who determines the destination, the number of messages to allocate, price and presentation and also the website from where customers will send SMS.

Benefits obtained

  • Low investment: Just the cost of SMS you want to assign to each V-PIN
  • Open market: No country, language or access limitations. V-PIN can be sold or gift to any target market
  • No overcharges: Direct orders. Maximum of benefits
  • Freedom in prices: When selling, you set up your margins
  • High profits: Discount for volume of purchase
  • Advertisement: Your brand as the SMS sender
  • Support: To resolve incidences

The V-PIN count among others with the follow advantages and characteristics:

  • Effective: It works from any computer with internet access
  • Easy to use: In only three steps, write the destination mobile number, write the message and send it
  • Versatile: Allows to easily contact with people who don’t have internet access, but who have a mobile phone
  • Reusable: Customers can access the V-PIN and send messages as long as it has credit
  • Efficient: SMS delivery coverage 700+ operators in 184 countries around the world

MKT PIN provides businesses with the tools they need to gift, distribute or sell SMS over both the point of sales and the Internet. Specifically, this solution specializes in all aspects of SMS distribution, profitable or not, including personalization of the Webpage to send the SMS.


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