Gateway Plus

A SMS Gateway is a service that allows SMS transit and transmission to a mobile network from other media devices, or vice versa, with or without the use of a mobile phone.

Gateway Plus Marketext is a product that not only offers the connectivity option, but also includes a control panel and management of the connection at no additional cost, allowing among other functions allocating balances, broadcasting authorizations, keep tracking of relevant information on text messages delivered and real-time monitoring of traffic generated by each customer.

Gateway Plus is aimed to those who are starting or already in the SMS business, process their traffic through other gateway or have their own applications to send text messages. We have developed HTTP/HTTPS, Web Service XML/SOAP or SMPP connectivity kits that facilitate the integration of the software to our API's by writing a few lines of code.

Our connections process bulk and streaming text messages to 700+ networks in 184 countries included in our coverage list. SMS flash, Unicode, Binary / Wap-push on request.

To start routing your SMS traffic through our Gateway, follow the next steps:

  • Sign Up for free
  • Ask for product activation
  • Download technical documents
  • Integrate your system or software
  • Request balance to test the connectivity
  • Top-up your account

Further information

If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding this product, we would be happy to discuss these with you. Please send us your contact details.


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